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Ultra-Quiet Water Fountain with Filter for Cats and Dogs

Ultra-Quiet Water Fountain with Filter for Cats and Dogs

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The small water fountain for pets is a convenient and thoughtful addition to any pet owner's home. Designed with the comfort and hydration needs of your furry friends in mind, this compact fountain provides a continuous flow of fresh, filtered water. Its compact size makes it suitable for apartments or smaller living spaces, while the adjustable water flow feature allows you to customize the stream to your pet's preference. The sound of running water not only entices pets to drink more but also adds a soothing ambiance to your space. With easy-to-clean components and a built-in filter to keep the water free from impurities, this small water fountain ensures that your pets always have access to clean, refreshing hydration. It's a charming and practical way to ensure your pets stay happy and well-hydrated throughout the day.

- 1.5L capacity which fits for dogs, cats and most pet families.
- 3 water flow speed modes provide clean tap water to make your pet happier and healthier.

Tip: clean the pump regularly to prolong its service life



3 gears can adjust the water flow speed


Total capacity 1.5L


High quality












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